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What is Feng Shui and Why are People Using it in Their Homes

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Translating into the traditional Chinese words for “wind” and “water”, feng shui is a complex and unique art that is applicable to everyday life. Along with the field of traditionalist Chinese medicine, including herb usage and acupuncture, feng shui is a component of the vast body of knowledge stemming from Taoism, a Chinese philosophy that is thousands of years old. A central tenet of feng shui is the existence of an undeniable connection between the individual and his/her surroundings, linked by endless fields of energy. Specifically, the ancient art demonstrates how one should arrange their living spaces so that they may more effectively and efficiently channel natural energy, traditionally referred to as “qi” (pronounced “chee”). Focused on making living spaces fluid in nature, the inherent goal of feng shui is to incorporate comfort and the path of least resistance into daily life.

So, why should the American homeowner be concerned with following the principles outlined by feng shui? By applying the teachings of feng shui to living areas and the objects that make them up, good qi will become increasingly prevalent in a feng shui follower’s life, bolstering their everyday energy, accumulated wealth, as well as their physical and mental health. Although it is often inappropriately labeled as a “fake science”, when applied properly and meaningfully, feng shui allows individuals to be more in tune with nature and their body. In order for a person to achieve the happy life that they seek, a nourishing environment is needed to support an uninhibited flow of energy. On the other hand, a bad feng shui environment leads to a restricted flow of energy, and therefore negatively affects an individual’s health, mood, and productivity. Whether it be their career, relationships, or self-esteem, feng shui has the potential to improve every aspect of one’s life. This makes it important to not only consider, but also apply the ancient art when designing your living space.

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