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Can Gold Take on Stainless Steel's Long Reign?

Homeowners have a love-hate relationship with stainless steel appliances. The silvery shine is prone to fingerprint smudges and can be difficult to clean. Yet, stainless steel remains the clear choice of most homeowners who seek a modern design.

But that hasn't stopped appliance manufacturers from continuing to debut new offerings in their search for the next big thing (some may be tempting too, like black stainless or white ice). The latest finish to enter the mix: Champagne.

Samsung recently announced a new line of finishes to its appliance collection for the laundry room called Champagne Stainless Steel. It offers a gold finish.

The goldish tint blends right in with the versatile colors and textures we're seeing in more home designs, complimenting everything from natural wood textures, thick-grained marble or granite, to the bolder tile patterns.

“Samsung's new laundry products lead and complement interior design trends that center on bringing natural finishes and technology together to create modern, warm spaces that are refined and functional,” Samsung noted in announcing the new finish in a release.

Whirlpool also offers a fingerproof, gold option with its Sunset Bronze finish, which it debuted last year. Whirlpool notes its Sunset Bronze offers a warmer touch with rose gold undertones than the cooler option of stainless steel.

Some gold touches also were shown off at this year's Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas in February. CAFÉ, a line within the GE Appliance brand, launched customizable hardware options, which included brushed bronze. Homeowners can swap in different finishes to their stainless steel, matted white, or matted black appliances. For example, a brushed bronze hardware handle can be added to a white matted stove or stainless steel refrigerator.

What do you think? Will gold appliances catch on? Or will stainless steel remain the clear leader for years to come?

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