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Rockville School Calendar 2019-20: Must Know Dates

ROCKVILLE, MD — Summer is flying by, which means the first day of school is around the corner. Students attending Montgomery County Public Schools will head back to classes on Tuesday, Sept. 3 — the day after Labor Day.

To help you begin planning, we've rounded up a list of important dates for the 2019-2020 academic year. That includes winter and spring vacations, holidays, report card distribution, and the last day of classes.

Here is the full list of dates to know for this school year:


First Day of School. Sept. 3, 2019

Rosh Hashana (Holiday). Sept. 30, 2019

Early Release Day. Oct. 4, 2019

Yom Kippur (Holiday) Oct. 9, 2019

1st Marking Period Ends, Early Release Day Nov. 8, 2019

2nd Marking Period Begins, Early Release Day. Nov. 11, 2019

Early Release Day Nov. 12, 2019

Report Card Distribution Nov. 20, 2019

Early Release Day Nov. 27, 2019

Thanksgiving (Holiday) Nov. 28-29, 2019

Winter Break Dec. 23-31, 2019

New Year's Day (Holiday) Jan. 1, 2020

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Holiday) Jan. 20, 2020

1st Semester Ends, Early Release Day,

2nd Marking Period Ends Jan. 24, 2020

Professional Day for Teachers

(No School for Students) Jan. 27, 2020

2nd Semester Begins, 3rd Marking Period Begins. Jan. 28, 2020

Report Card Distribution Feb. 4, 2020

Presidents' Day (Holiday) Feb. 17, 2020

Early Release Day Feb. 28, 2020

3rd Marking Period Ends, Early Release Day March 27, 2020

4th Marking Period Begins March 30, 2020

Spring Break April 6-9, 2020

Good Friday (Holiday) April 10, 2020

Easter Monday (Holiday) April 13, 2020

Report Card Distribution April 15, 2020

No School for Students and Teachers April 28, 2020

Memorial Day (Holiday) May 25, 2020

Last Day of School, Early Release Day June 15, 2020


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